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I write to commend HEG for their efficient and professional service over the past few months. Last year, we had some concerns about insulation and heating at our recently purchased house in Riverside. An on-line search revealed that HEG provide a holistic approach to environmental heating and cooling solutions including free inspection of properties, so we followed them up. We received expert advice, resulting in our purchase of a more powerful heat pump, relocating the existing one to the 'granny flat' in our garden. The whole process was seamless. We were kept informed of the delivery and installation progress, so on the day there were no surprises. We now have a toasty house in the cold Launceston mornings. Thank you Amy, Melissa and Peter for your excellent service.
Geoff & Eleanor
May 2021 - Riverside, Tasmania
Thankyou for listening to me this afternoon re the fantastic news that I told you about. My short story for your fabulous company's review is as follows: Nineteen (19) Solar Panels, that I purchased from HEG, were installed onto the north facing roof of my unit on 04/11/2020. I've received the first Aurora invoice, since the install of the solar panels, which is an amount of $37.51 for three (3) months. The invoice usage period is from 16/10/2020 to 16/01/2021. The invoice amount is so fantastic and I'm totally amazed that the solar panels created so much energy and will quickly pay for themselves. Prior to the $37.51 power invoice, I've been charged extremely large prices, e.g, the previous invoice for three (3) months was $424.41. Because I live alone and I'm very careful with power usage, my footprint is as small as I am able! But unfortunately I was being charged way too much, hence the option to purchase solar panels. HEG's Solar Panels are wonderful and I'm so thankful that I've at last had them installed. Thank you to HEG sales-person, Peter, who was so helpful to me before, during and after the sale process was completed. Thank you to Sam who has been an invaluable help to me during and after the installation of the solar panels and for all the information that he gladly gives to me by phone and emails. In the past, I've purchased a heat pump and ducted heating from HEG. Installation of both items were professionally done and the future upkeep has been exemplary by HEG employees. I recommend HEG for all the services they provide.
Libby D.
February 2021 - Devonport, Tasmania
Hi Adam & the team, I jumped onto Facebook and wrote a review recently - we have no feedback other than positive things to say. We were particularly impressed by the way the guys arrived and just worked together seamlessly as a team, with no fuss, no drama, just getting on with it. Everyone had an obvious role to play, and they all just got the job done with no fuss. The supervisor (Brent?) managed them effortlessly and trusted them to get the job done. They were all so professional, likeable, courteous, good-humoured, and respectful of our space. If their behaviour and the work they did are a good example of your business, your organisation really is one you can be proud of. We were mortified by the muddy state of 'under the house' but they didn't bat an eyelid. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend HEG - and we're so grateful that we chose you for this job. As for improving - you don't need to. You're already doing everything right. Thanks again, Jane
February 2021 - Hobart, Tasmania
Hi Adam. I am very happy to report that the roof ventilation seems to have completely solved my condensation issue. There has not been any water dripping from my bathroom lights / fan since the installation and despite the cold rainy weather, none of my windows appear to be crying any longer, a surprising, but welcome bonus! I am extremely relieved and hope the good results are here to stay. Oh, and by the way, the unit is quiet enough that I do not hear it, even overnight while sleeping!
July 2019 - Moonah, Tasmania
In the past 2 years I have had HEG install both ceiling and underfloor insulation and a ducted heat distribution system to the bedrooms; it has made a big difference in the winter warmth and the insulation has also kept the house cool in the summer. Visitors have made positive comments about it. HEG products and service have given me good value for money. Staff were prompt and polite, answering all my questions in a professional manner; I would particularly like to thank Shaun and Matthew of the Launceston office for their recent advice and would happily recommend HEG to anyone wanting to improve the warmth and comfort of their home.
July 2018
Last Thursday Clinton, the HEG, technician worked all morning in the rain fault checking, replacing the inverter and then checked the roof in the storm to work out why the panels were not producing power... now producing power again, 3000wh so far south since they left. I’ve been very impressed with HEG, Home Efficiency Group, the electrical company from Launceston who install solar panels etc.
May 2018
Our weatherboard house is so much warmer since HEG added ceiling and under-floor insulation (we'd already done the walls). The chaps were fantastic - fast, effective, clean and happy to work around us. We've hardly used our heaters since they came, and suddenly our dogs like to sleep on the wooden floor that was so cold before. We should have done it years ago. This was a totally good experience.
November 2017
We had the Air Circulation System installed in our home today and I feel credit has to be given when deserved. I found the team from HEG Energy were extremely professional in the work that they carried out, which is quite rare these days, they were friendly and had great customer service, which to me as a customer is very important. We would certainly have no reservation in recommending HEG Energy to our friends or to anyone else, well done HEG from a very satisfied customer.
September 2017
I've never lived in a home that had such crying windows. I mean these were not just misty, they were saturated for at least 6 months a year, causing mould and making my family sick. The results after HEG installed a condensation control system were INSTANT. The next day I had almost ZERO condensation and the air was obviously cleaner. The house had lost that musty smell.
August 2017
Fantastic. A very responsive, friendly and helpful business. The (free) advice they gave was incredibly helpful and has given us a lot of food for thought as to how we could improve our property in terms of heating/cooling and insulation. Thank you again. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family needing any advice on these issues.
October 2015
I recently had Home Efficiency Group install ceiling insulation and a new heat pump, I thought it was great that they were able to do both the insulation and heating together, rather than me having to organise them separately. They were both installed on the same morning, and I was impressed with how quickly it was done! My house is so much more comfortable to live in now, nice warm even temperature, bring on winter! Thanks guys!
June 2014

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