HEG-ify your Home: Make your home warmer, lower your power bills, improve your air quality and make your home safer.

HEG™ (Home Efficiency Group) is a Tasmania-based One Stop Shop for residential thermal efficiency solutions, offering a range of products & advice. We are happy to discuss the requirements of your home:

  • in our showroom (285 Invermay Road, Launceston) or
  • at your home (free onsite assessment) or
  • via telephone (call 1300 96 80 60) or
  • by email correspondence (info@heg.com.au).

Allow us to provide expert advice and help you prioritise your thermal efficiency investments. HEGify your home!

Residential energy efficiency investments don't cost you money

People that invest in thermal efficiency measures receive corresponding reductions in their energy bills, whether it be via reduced use of heaters, air conditioning or hot water power – all things being equal.

Three things happen when you invest in the thermal efficiency of your home, typically:

  1. The household $$$ runnings costs DECREASE
  2. The quality of the air INCREASES
  3. The capital value of your home INCREASES

Typically, energy efficiency and renewable energy investments on a Green Payment Scheme make the weekly payments so low that the savings outweigh repayments. On top of this, current research indicates that the capital value of your home increases by up to 10% when you have invested in energy efficiency.  So, in real net terms, investments in HEG Services don’t cost you anything and improve your financial position.

The Green Payment Scheme is allows you to bring forward energy-saving and comfort-increasing investments, rather than spread them over years. Features of the Green Payment Scheme include: No Deposit  ** Payments over 84 months  **  No penalties for early payments ** no ongoing fees ** super-lower rates.

10 year HEG-iversary
Heat Pump System Optimisation ServiceA Heat Pump SOS is a thorough clean, performance test and inspection of your heat pump system designed to lower running costs and improve performance.
HEG LED Lighting
LED LightingNot only are LED lights a lot cheaper to run, saving you up to 80% energy, they are also more eco friendly, reduce fire risks and last a lot longer.
HEG Ceiling Insulation Icon
Ceiling InsulationCeiling Insulation is one of the most cost-effective investments to make. It keeps the cold out and greatly improves comfort levels.
Underfloor Insulation Icon
Underfloor InsulationDon’t let the warmth escape from under your feet, trap it inside and prevent cold draughts in winter.
HEG Condensation Control
Condensation ControlImprove the air quality in your home with a HEG Air™ sytem and stop window condensation, mould and musty smells.
Heat Recovery and Ducted Air Circulation System
Ducted Air Circulation + Roof Heat RecoveryControl the airflow throughout a house, and access free heat from a roof space with a Roof Heat Recovery Module.
Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps / Air ConditionersHeat Pumps are becoming the preferred choice for home heating and cooling, and they cost significantly less to operate compared to other solutions.
Heat Pump Hot Water
Heat Pump Hot WaterHeat Pump Hot Water systems use up to 80% less energy compared to radiant-element cylinders, and come in all-in-one or split-system formats.
Solar Energy
SOLAR ENERGYWork with our solar power experts to select the right solution. Rest assured with Tier 1 panels only, reputable inverters and local renewable energy electricians.
Energy Storage
Energy StorageTo achieve greater energy independence, consider investing in an energy storage system. Use daytime solar power at night, and make power outages a thing of the past!