HEG Air™ Circulation System

The HEG Air™ Circulation system is a ducted air redistribution system that allows you to control the airflow throughout a house. Add an optional Roof Heat Recovery Module to access free heat from your roof space, a filtered inlet to improve air quality or a ventilation module to eradicate window condensation.

Ducted Air Circulation Systems

  • Base: Ducted Air Transfer
  • Optional Module: Window Condensation Control
  • Optional Module: Roof Heat Recovery
  • Optional Module: Particulate Air Filter Intake

The HEG Air™ Ducted Circulation System (ACS) is a hybrid system that has been created over 5 years by Home Efficiency Group through a process of continual refinements. At its heart, the HEG ACS is an overgrown air transfer system, albeit with significant differences, including:

  • EC Fans – low wattage, high air volume, quiet operation;
  • Larger Diameter Ducting – For noise reduction and efficient heat transfer.
  • Effective Outlets – Subtle outlet style for minimal draughts.
  • Simple Automated Controller – For accessing free solar air via the roof heat recovery module, and to allow for simple operation for the customer.
  • Optimal Ducting Configurations – Methods for noise/vibration reduction, developed and refined over the years by our technical team.

Optional Modules Available

  • Roof Heat Recovery Module – For accessing free solar gain in your roof cavity/void; bundled with 98% of all jobs.
  • Window Condensation Control Module – For guaranteed eradication of persistent window condensation.
  • Particulate Filter Intake – to improve the air quality within your home.

Circulate air to up to 8 rooms as a standard.

Considering a DIY project?

The HEG Air™ Transfer Kits can be varied by the customer and customised to your needs. We pride ourselves on superior products and services, but only if we do the installation. If you are still keen, then find out more.


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