Enjoy free heat from your roof

Circulate air and access free solar heat from your roof,
and reduce the need for secondary heaters.

HEG Air™ Circulation System

The HEG Air™ Circulation system is a ducted air circulation system that allows you to control the airflow throughout a house. Add an optional Roof Heat Recovery Module to access free heat from your roof space. Add a filtered inlet to improve air quality.

Most living room heaters find it hard to distribute heat to the far corners of a house.

The HEG Air™ Circulation System allows the ducting of air to all main rooms in a house, such as the bedrooms and bathroom, typically providing warm air during winter. This virtually eliminates the need for secondary heaters in most houses, and can make living room heaters work more effectively, especially when used in conjunction with free solar gain from the roof space.

The HEG Air™ Circulation System has been installed in thousands of homes across Tasmania, and has been refined over nine years for Tasmanian conditions.

The HEG Air™ Circulation System is compatible with heat pumps, gas heaters and wood heaters, and has filtered roof cavity, eave and living room inlets, depending on requirements.

Customised solutions

The HEG Air™ Circulation System (ACS) is a hybrid system that has been created over 5 years by Home Efficiency Group by a process of continual refinements. At its heart, the HEG ACS is an overgrown air transfer system, albiet with significant differences, including:

  • larger capacity fan(s) – depending on the configuration, we use a single or dual fan set-up, with fans having two fan speeds and two different diameters and air flow rates.
  • larger gauge ducting – for noise reduction and efficient heat transfer.
  • different inlets/outlets – subtle inlets and outlets, with optional filtered intake, and for minimal draughts.
  • different controller – for accessing free solar air via the Roof Heat Recovery Module, and to allow for simple access via the customer.
  • optimal ducting configurations – methods for noise/vibration reduction, developed and refined over years by our installer team members.

Modules available
  • Roof Heat Recovery Module – for accessing free solar gain in your roof cavity/void; bundled with 98% of all jobs.
  • Window Condensation Control Module – for guaranteed eradication of persistent window condensation.
  • Summer Heat Exhaust Module – to lower the heat load in the livable part of the house, as well as the roof cavity simultaneously.

Circulate air to up to 10 rooms (4 rooms shown in this diagram):

HEG Air Ducted Air Circulation 4 Outlet

A common problem

Your living room is kept warm & comfortable with your current heater, but the warmth does not effectively penetrate into other parts of the house, particularly bedrooms off passageways. Alternatively, if the heaters can warm up other parts of the house, it is after a substantial period of time and the living room becomes uncomfortably hot.

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