HEG™ Green Payment Options

Investing in a bundle of residential energy efficiency solutions at the same time - such as insulation, reverse cycle air conditioning AND rooftop solar - means that you enjoy the benefits of increased comfort levels and decreased power bills now. Best of all - savings typically outweigh repayment costs!

Atlas Finance Green Loan – low 3.99% interest

$2,000 to $20,000 | Up to 120 months | Applies to any HEG™ Products

12 to 120 month low-interest 3.99% green finance is available through an Atlas Investment Firm Green Payment Scheme, which accesses subsidised government funds to bring your cheap finance over long periods. These loans are suitable for purchases of any HEG Products, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy and/or battery storage products. For larger bundled purchases, this is ideal to bring your residential energy investments forward, which allows households to enjoy cost savings and improved comfort levels sooner. 

Call HEG™ on 1300 96 80 60 and we will assist with your application, and discuss options.

Steps to apply for the low-interest Green Payment Scheme via Atlas Investments:

  1. Go to https://atlasinvestment.com.au/login-form/
  2. Enter the username of HEG, tick the checkbox and click Login
  3. For the “Agent Name” put HEG (unless you are dealing with a specific HEG consultant, in which case put their name)
  4. For the “Solar Company Name”, put HEG
  5. Complete the form by filling in the appropriate details, then click Submit.

If you have any questions, call Atlas Investments on 03 9002 0223, or if it is product-related, then call HEG on 1300 96 80 60 (option #1).


Healthcare or Pensioner Concession Card
HEG - Fujitsu Wall mounted Heat Pump

Do you have a Health Care Card or Aged Concession Card?

$1000 Heat Pump Subsidy + No-Deposit Interest-Free Loan over 24 months (up to $2000)

The Tasmanian State Government has allocated funds (via Aurora Energy) to offset the cost of heat pumps. The funds are administered by NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme), a not-for-profit community-based organisation. HEG are able to provide a quotation for a suitable heat pumps (minimum star ratings apply, and some types are excluded), and assist you with the application process. $1000 of the cost of the heat pump is subsidised, and the balance (capped at $2000) is able to be spread out (Interest-free and fee-free) over a 24 month period.

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