The HEG™ Approach to Energy Efficiency

Investing in energy efficiencies

The chart shows the average winter heat losses in a typically poorly insulated home. This can help guide investments from a thermal efficiency perspective. Start with items that are lower cost and provide a faster return-on-investment.

At HEG™, we have developed a tried and tested “journey” or pathway for thermal efficiency. We assist you to prioritise the most cost-effective thermal efficiency investments that also have the greatest impact on comfort levels and health. All too often we see people investing in double glazing, solar power and home batteries first, whilst at the same time having a poorly-insulated home, unserviced air conditioners and no air circulation system.

The HEG™ Thermal Efficiency Investment Guide provides you with recommendations no matter where you are on your thermal efficiency journey.

These later items have higher initial cost and are a more strategic long-term investment. Contact the friendly staff at HEG™ to see how we can help.