About HEG™

HEG™ has 12 full time sale, admin and operations staff in Launceston (Invermay showroom) and Hobart (mobile staff), and we regularly travel to the NW Coast.  We have 12 core team members in the sales / admin / operations side of the business, and dozens of specialist HEG™-Certified Installers statewide. HEG™ was established in 2009 and is a 100% Tasmanian, family-owned business. We have a wide range of products that are aimed at saving you energy, generating energy, storing energy or improving comfort levels & air quality.

Hard work pays off

Our emphasis is to guide you to invest first in cost-effective items that provide the “best bang for your buck” in terms of thermal efficiency, and in a logical progression. We encourage *saving* energy first using cost-effective investments before proceeding to bigger ticket items. We like to educate our customer base using our vast experience so that you are empowered to make wise investments that are effective, and with faster paybacks.

Solar Energy & Energy Storage

We currently install over 200kW of solar per month, and have been selling / installing solar PV systems for years. Our internal renewable energy electricians are experts in string inverter and optimised systems, and we offer a range of premium tier 1 panels at competitive pricing. We will guide you through the activation process – with TasNetworks, Aurora Energy.

For home batteries, HEG™are Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers, and we have a range of top-level suppliers, including “sonnen Batterie”, BYD, Enphase and SolaX, amongst others.

HEG Air™ - Ducted Air Circulation

We are best known for our Ducted Air Circulation Systems that can combine various modules to achieve thermal efficiencies. We have installed 1000’s of them throughout Tasmania, and provide options for filtered inlets, window condensation eradiation, summer ventilation and roof heat recovery. Gain control over air movement in your home, and solve a wide range of issues.

Window Condensation Control

HEG™ offers a 3 year guarantee that we eradicate persistent window condensation in the rooms that are ducted to. We have done this for over 5000 customers statewide, and are exceptionally good at what we do. Our system, unlike others, warms the rooms that are ducted to, as well as stopping those “crying windows”!