Do you have mould and damp musty smells? Or allergies?

When mould colonies are able to thrive, they inflame the respiratory tract and the autoimmune system.

Mould colonies are caused via the build-up of moist air within your home, and is triggered when the moisture-laden air becomes cold, typically when it comes into contact with a window. Colder air cannot support as much water vapour as warmer air, so the excess water vapour is converted into liquid water on your windows, window frames, skylights and even walls.

That cold dampness and musty smell is a strong is usually caused by a buildup of mould from condensation or humid air conditions through normal household activities (showering, cooking, breathing, drying clothes) combined with inadequate ventilation.

Installing a HEG Air™ condensation control system will circulate air around the house to distribute warm air from living room heaters or solar gain from the roof. It will also increase the ambient temperature of homes by utilising free solar heat from your roof cavity.

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