Do you have trouble with window condensation?

Water causes damage to window sills, curtain/blinds, bedding/clothing, so preventing it saves you in the long term.

Prevention is the best cure. and when it comes to water damage it can become quite costly. Most damage is caused by condensation. Causes of condensation in a domestic context in cooler climate states:

  1. Humid air from normal household activities (showering, cooking, breathing, drying clothes)
  2. Lack of adequate ventilation, mostly because we are trying to keep the cold out
  3. Fluctuating room temperatures, in particular sudden drops of temperature overnight


Colder air cannot support as much water vapour as warmer air, so the excess water vapour is converted into liquid water on your windows, window frames, skylights and even walls. Installing a HEG Air™ ducted circulation system will circulate air around the house to distribute warm air from living room heaters or solar gain from the roof. It will also increase the ambient temperature of homes by utilising free solar heat from your roof cavity.

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