Commercial Solar Overview20180711041735

Commercial Solar Overview

Commercial Solar is HEG™ Energy’s largest-growing sector. With Return on Investment of...
Different sizes and styles of Heat Pumps20180713043326

Different sizes and styles of Heat Pumps

When selecting a heat pump for your home, there are a number of considerations. Here are a...
Fujitsu Heat Pump – Hot Prices for a Cold Winter!20180711015305

Fujitsu Heat Pump – Hot Prices for a Cold Winter!

Keep your home warmer for winter. Ask a HEG staff member about bargain prices on these he...
Solar powered heat extraction fans20180713044000

Solar powered heat extraction fans

The “Solar Whiz” is a solar-powered, high performance hot air extraction syste...
Components of an Air Circulation System20180709135338

Components of an Air Circulation System

Subtle Bedroom Diffuser These are the standard air outlets/diffusers used with the HEG Air...
Benefits of LED lights20180713025753

Benefits of LED lights

LED lighting boasts numerous benefits over rival technologies: Energy-efficiency: LED ligh...
Affects of condensation in your home20180710130620

Affects of condensation in your home

Window condensation is formed via the build-up of moist air within your home, and is trigg...
Insulating existing homes (retrofit)20180709041133

Insulating existing homes (retrofit)

If your house has no insulation at all… If your home does not have any ceiling insul...
Financial benefits of Solar Power20180711043445

Financial benefits of Solar Power

By investing in renewable energy and installing solar panels on your home, you can: Reduce...
Residential Solar Overview20180711042502

Residential Solar Overview

Residential solar energy is a speciality of HEG™ Energy. We concentrate on delivering ap...

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