Renewable energy from the sun allows you
to lower your electricity bills

Australian residential dwellings have the highest penetration of rooftop solar in the world. The cost of Solar PV systems are off-set by a government rebate, so the systems offer a super-fast payback period and an amazing return-0n-investment.

Rooftop Solar PV Energy Systems

We have been selling, installing and servicing solar PV systems for almost years. Our renewable energy electricians are experts in string inverter and optimised systems, and we only specify Tier 1 panels and top 10 inverters. With local showrooms, allow HEG™ to guide you through the solar energy activation process. We do all of the necessary paperwork and applications for you.

Why solar?

This is the first question that we ask customers, with common responses being “future proofing”, “lower carbon foot-print” and “lower costs”. Renewable energy from the sun allows you to lower your electricity bills. Whilst solar is a fantastic technology, it is always more cost effective to save electricity first rather than generate it.

Solar panel systems are usually “grid-connected”, meaning you sell power to the energy retailer if you do not use it all within the home or business. HEG™ will assess your property for appropriate spots for solar, and determine technologies based on shading considerations, aesthetics, available roof space, household electricity requirements and other factors.

Solar PV Energy System Pricing

HEG has a standard price list that applies to homes or businesses – please contact us on 1300 96 80 60 or for an obligation-free quotation. Every solar installation is different, with the major variations occurring in these aspects:

  • Roof type, roof area, orientation, pitch, quantity of roof facets and access considerations;
  • Shading caused by trees, hills, nearby houses and other parts of the same house/roof; and
  • Usage of power at different times during the day and in different quantities.

Each household or business has a different energy consumption profile (when / where / why energy is used over the course of a day, month and year), and often the reasons behind the need for solar PV varies. Often it is to lower costs, or do your part for sustainability of our society. HEG staff will discuss these various options with you to enable you to make an informed decision. 

Great, reliable solar PV products.

The following components form part of the standard or premium-upgrade solar energy packages:

  • Inverters
    • GoodWe, SMA or Fronius String Inverters
    • SolarEdge Inverters & Power Optimisers (for shading situations and power output fluctuations)
  • Solar Panels
    • Tier 1 and range in output from 300W to 400W
    • 60-cell to 72-cell format
    • Half-cell technologies, as well as Mono PERC or with integrated optimisers
    • Common brands used by HEG: Suntech, Trina, JA Solar, Jinko
    • Premium brands available include: LG, REC, QCELL
    • Tigo optimisers – For specific panels that may be prone to shading issues, a Tigo optimiser can stop the usual “drag-down” that occurs to neighbouring panels in a string inverter system.
  • Energy Management
    • Solar Monitoring – typically built into most solar inverters
    • Hot Water Timers – stops hot water from re-heating during peak tariff periods, or tries to re-heat during peak solar energy periods
    • Household Consumption Monitoring – a device that allows you to see when you use power in the house e.g. you visually see an increase on a graph when you turn on an oven, air conditioner or heater. By monitoring consumption, this will typically lead lead more efficient use of energy within your household.
    • Tariff optimisation – selecting appropriate energy retailers and energy plans can save you hundreds of dollars extra each year.

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