LED Lights are safer and substantially more efficient

Replacing old halogen downlights with LED downlights is safer, super efficient, involves less maintenance and allows you to have better ceiling insulation!

LED Lighting

Traditional downlights in homes use 50W halogen globes that generate a lot of heat. These should be replaced with LED alternatives to save money, to improve home efficiency and to reduce fire risks.


Don't settle for Swiss Cheese

Halogen downlights are very hot on the glass surface – approx 290°C – which means that they need to ventilate with a 30cm gap in the insulation left around them, typically. This “Swiss cheese” insulation reduces the thermal effectiveness of a house. Additionally, halogen downlights are a real fire risk when something combustible is in contact with them, or insulation is accidentally placed over them.

For your safety and your back pocket

LED downlights are typically 8W to 10W, so are 1/2 (20%) of the cost to run, typically providing payback in approx 12 months. New Insulation Ratings for downlights means that ceiling insulation can be safely placed over appropriately-rated LED downlights, thus making your home more thermally efficient.

LED Lights - Square

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