Heat Pump Hot Water

Reduce your hot water bills by up to 80% with a Reclaim Energy Heat Pump Hot Water System.

The Reclaim Energy Heat Pump Hot Water (HPHW) System uses a revolutionary CO2 refrigerant that excels in cooler weather, perfect for Tasmanian conditions. It is so effective, it doesn’t even require a back-up heater element!
Reclaim Energy Heat Pump Hot Water

The Reclaim Energy Heat Pump Hot Water (HPHW) System is an extremely energy-efficient replacement for your traditional electric hot water system, often using 80% less electricity to heat the water. It absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to heat water, in a way that saves energy, saves money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The Reclaim Energy system technology uses 1kW of energy to generate 5kW of heat or more; this is 80 percent less energy compared to traditional hot water systems. Due to this industry leading quality and performance, the HPHW attracts the equal highest level of STC (Small-scale Technology Certificates, often thought of as a government subsidy) values of any currently available hot water heat pump. Innovative technology allows up to 50% faster heat recovery than standard all-in-one hot water heat pumps, making it ideal for use with either off peak or continuous tariffs. It also has fantastic warranties, such as 6 year compressor warranties, 7 year tank warranties and 1 year controller warranty.


Heat Pump Hot Water

From $32.02 per week

36 months Interest-Free*

A $32.02pw interest-free payment plan over 36 months removes the barrier of the upfront cost, and is a cost-effective because savings on your electricity bill offset a significant portion of repayments. Simply call HEG on 1300 96 80 60 to apply.

# No deposit is required to proceed with a Reclaim Energy Heat Pump Hot Water System (fully installed) on finance, although confirmation of finance is the trigger for the installation. Repayments are fortnightly over 36 months (but expressed as weekly figures), and may vary depending if additional costs may be required for the installation (travel, switchboard work, extra piping, etc). Includes STC (smallscale technology certificates) point of sale discount. Fees and lending criteria apply to the Skye Card interest-free finance option – see our HEG Finance page.

To be eligible for a Skye Card interest-free payment plan, you must:

  • Be a homeowner (own or purchasing the residence)
  • Be 18+ years of age
  • Work over 20 hours per week
  • Have a good credit history
  • Be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident

Call 1300 96 80 60 for more information or download the brochure.

Heat pump hot water to suit your needs

The heat pump and a separate tank can be located up to 10 metres apart horizontally or 5 metres vertically. The 315-litre glass-lined tank is fully insulated for minimal heat loss and has been mains pressure rated.

All-in-one HPHW units generally have to be located outside because the tank and heat pump unit are combined, which isn’t practical sometimes. The Reclaim Energy tank can be placed inside or outside, and the outside heat pump unit can be up to 10 metres horizontally away and 4 metres vertically away (although closer the better).

At the heart of the Reclaim Energy HPWH system, it uses similar efficient technology as air conditioners, but instead of air-to-air heat transfer, it is air-to-water heat transfer. However, rather than using old, legacy technology, the refrigerant (the chemical that transfers the heat from the heat pump to the tank) is actually carbon dioxide (CO2) under pressure, which is super efficient and much less damaging than regular air conditioning refrigerants.

With remotely-quoted HPHW jobs, we attempt to do a site visit prior to the installation to fully evaluate the job so as to provide a fixed quotation rather than an estimate. If we aren’t able to attend prior to the installation, we make a number of assumptions, including:
* Like-for-like replacement of units (old tank is removed, new tank and heat pump put in its place);
* The outside heat pump unit is ground-mounted within 1 metre of the tank, or wall-bracket mounted (ground floor). For additional distance, or non-standard installations (e.g. high wall, roof, etc) then additional labour/material fees apply.

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