Home batteries allow you to use solar power when you need it, and provide back-up power

Investing in an energy storage system will give you back
the power you need when the sun is not shining.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage is the natural progression after your investment in a HEG™ Solar PV System. Solar PV can only be used when the sun shines, and does not allow you to have power during a power grid outage.

However, a home battery system can provide back-up emergency power, as well as shift the solar PV power to night time or for use during overcast periods of the day.

Sonnen Battery
Tesla Battery
BYD Battery

Battery Power

A home battery can optimise your energy consumption, provide energy security for your home and future proof your home e.g. power price rises, electric vehicle charging, etc

HEG™ are Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers, and represent Energy Matters in Tasmania, and we have a range of top-level suppliers, which means we have access to the German “sonnen Batterie”, BYD (the world’s largest battery manufacturer), Enphase and SolaX Batteries, amongst others. The appropriate battery is presented to you depending on your circumstances and requirements.

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