DIY Heat Transfer Kits

HEG™ prides itself on superior products and services. We can supply you a customised solution for your to do-it-yourself. We can’t of course guarantee the quality of your install.

Our DIY Kits can include:

  • R1 Insulated Flexible Ducting (insulated with polyester insulation, not glass fibres)
  • High Performance Inline Air Pump/Fan
  • Circular Inlet and outlet diffusers
  • Ducting Branches
  • Duct Tape
  • Filter Sock
  • Motorised Dampers

If you would like a custom Kit design or to avail yourself of a professional installation service.., please complete the form and attach your house plans

The HEG Air™ Circulation system is a ducted air circulation system.

However, we also need to say...

Home Efficiency Group does not take any responsibility for the installation of these kits, or damage caused arising from its use or installation, or warrant its suitability for any purpose whatsoever where we have not done an onsite inspection and evaluation of a home. We recommend using a licensed electrician to install, as well as turning off the mains power to the house during the installation process. Please take a common-sense approach to installation, and do not rely on this approximate guide for installation. 

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