Keep the warmth in and the cold out

Ceiling insulation is like putting a doona on your home… Great for winter to retain heat, and also keeps your
home cooler in summer by acting like a heat shield.

Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation is one of the most cost-effective investments to make to a house and insulation keeps the cold out and greatly improves comfort levels. Think of ceiling insulation as being like a doona being put on your house. HEG™ offers either a professional install service or insulation bag sales to DIYers or trade.

Also keep your toes cosy and warm with Underfloor Insulation.

See immediate improvements - up to 7 degrees Celius

Typical outcomes of an insulation upgrade in an existing home is a 6 to 7 degree Celsius increase in the overnight ambient temperature in winter and approx 5 degrees Celsius cooler in summer.

Ceiling insulation reduces window condensation, reduces heating and cooling costs, and greatly improves the efficiency of ducted heating or air circulation systems. Insulation will compress and become gappy after 15-20 years, where an insulation top-up is required.

Also consider using new LED lights, as traditional downlights will significantly reduce the effectiveness, even with new insulation.

Some of these comments will depend where you live and the time of year… but in general, the benefits of ceiling insulation include:

  • Help retain heat in winter
  • Help keep cool in Summer
  • Save you money on respective heating/cooling bills
  • Will keep you family comfortable
  • Will act as a fire retardant and won’t conduct electricity
  • Will not sustain insect, rat, possum and bird infestations
  • Will add to the value and energy rating of your house
  • Will assist Australia to combat spiralling domestic energy consumption
  • Will recycle vast quantities of glass

Diagram (from left to right) shows :

  1. Original batts 15 to 20 years ago;
  2. Cellulose blow-in insulation after a few years, with peaks and valleys in the insulation;
  3. Halogen downlight gap that needs to be left, lessening the efficiency of the insulation;
  4. An insulation top-up over the old insulation;
  5. New house insulation; and
  6. Cross-laid insulation

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