HEGify your home with residential thermal efficiency, air quality, renewable energy and energy storage investments.

HEG™ specialises in combining products to achieve your goals for your home, whether it is making rooms warmer, getting rid of persistent window condensation, lowering power bills, reducing your carbon footprint or gaining a higher degree of energy independence.

Heat Pump System Optimisation ServiceA Heat Pump SOS (System Optimisation Service) is a thorough clean, performance test and inspection of your heat pump on both inside and outside units.
HEG LED Lighting
LED LightingNot only are LED lights a lot cheaper to run, saving you up to 80% energy, they are also more eco friendly, reduce fire risks and last a lot longer.
HEG Ceiling Insulation Icon
Ceiling InsulationCeiling Insulation is one of the most cost-effective investments to make. It keeps the cold out and greatly improves comfort levels.
Underfloor Insulation Icon
Underfloor InsulationDon’t let the warmth escape from under your feet, trap it inside and prevent cold draughts in winter.
HEG Condensation Control
Condensation ControlImprove the air quality in your home with a HEG Air™ sytem and stop window condensation, mould and musty smells.
Heat Recovery and Ducted Air Circulation System
Ducted Air Circulation + Roof Heat RecoveryControl the airflow throughout a house, and access free heat from a roof space with a Roof Heat Recovery Module.
Heat Pumps
Heat PumpsHeat Pumps are one of the most popular form of heating because they can cool and heat. They cost about 30% to run compared to most radiant electric heaters.
Heat Pump Hot Water
Heat Pump Hot WaterIt uses only 1kW of energy to generate 4.5kW of heat; this is 80 percent less energy compared to traditional hot water systems, with innovative technology allowing up to 50% faster heat recovery.
Solar Energy
SOLAR ENERGYUsing only Tier 1 solutions to harness the suns energy, we guide you through the solar PV activation and installation process, ensuring you get the right sized solar energy solution.
Energy Storage
Solar StorageThe future in solar solutions, either a Tesla Powerwall 13.5kWh home battery, SENEC 10kWh modular battery or BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate modular batteries. Consider investing in an energy storage system as it will give you back the power you need when the sun is not shining.

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