HEG remote quotation services and showroom restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Well, what an extraordinary year 2020 has been so far! With an unprecedented global response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and local restrictions for social distancing, this post is providing an update on the provision of HEG consulting and installation services.

HEG is open for business, providing ongoing consulting / quotation services, inspections of homes (albeit done remotely or externally) and installations of heat pumps, insulation, solar PV systems, air circulation systems, etc.

Adam Hirst, Managing Director, Home Efficiency Group (HEG)

HEG services are classed as essential services as they revolve around heating, air quality, the provision of energy and safety (electrical switchboard upgrade and halogen downlight replacements with LED equivalents, etc).

Adam Hirst (me!) pictured in the empty Invermay Showroom. Whilst we can’t meet in person in there just yet, our staff are continuing to provide essential services to Tasmanians.

Remote Assessment & Quotations

To minimise the potential spread of the Coronavirus / COVID-19, it is our policy that HEG Energy Consultants are NOT currently allowed to conduct in-home visits. The majority of HEG Quotations are already done remotely, so we will continue to offer this service with a renewed emphasis. There are a wealth of online resources that allow us to provide accurate, timely quotations, including:

  • Remote satellite and aerial photograph sites with measurement tools to allow us to calculate the area of your home for ceiling insulation and underfloor insulation. Whilst these are usually quite accurate, we physically measure up on the day of installation with measuring tapes to double-check, and adjustments are then made to the final invoice. The image, below, shows a Tasmanian house roof, with solar panels overlaid using our solar mapping tool.
    An example satellite image of a Tasmanian house, with solar panels overlaid
  • Google Street View, which mostly (but not always!) allows a view of your house roof pitch and construction (iron, tile, etc) and other important house characteristics.

    From these two Streetview images, for example, we can see it has a 22.5 deg roof pitch, corrugated iron roof construction, electrical point of attachment on the front of the house, single storey access at the top-side of the house for tradespeople, chimney shadowing that may cause issues for solar panel, weatherboard construction (which influences if an external heat pump unit will be affixed to the wall or placed on the ground) etc.
  • Real Estate photos, which show internal photos of rooms, roof views often contains floor plans. This allows HEG Energy Consultants to overlay ducting diagrams, heat pump positions (inside and outside units), etc
An example floor plan, sourced from a real estate website, with a HEG Ducted Air Circulation System diagram overlayed.

However, HEG Energy Consultants are allowed to do external unattended home inspections (to assist with assessments and quotations), including visiting your home to take photos of switchboards, close up images of the roof, sub-floor areas of a house and general house features. The HEG consultant will call your phone when they have arrived at your home to avoid using doorbells. Even if you are home, we will need to do the inspection unattended. The exception to this is if there is a specific task that you, the homeowner, needs to do eg. managing pets to allow access, unlocking gates or subfloor access doors, etc.

Steps HEG is taking to minimise risk

HEG staff are taking recommended precautions with respect to maintaining social distance and hygiene practices, including:

  • Working from home where possible, to minimise social contact. HEG staff able to access 100% of administrative infrastructure.
    • Fortuitously, all of our administration systems are cloud-based, which means that they are hosted on the Internet and accessible via a web browser interface. This includes the customer database, quotation/sales systems, scheduling/ invoicing systems, the solar panel layout designer and email systems.
    • Our phone system (1300 96 80 60) is IP-based, which means that staff are able to take handsets to home with them, plug them into their home internet router, and they have a fully-functioning business phone system, whereby they can transfer calls etc, to other home-based HEG team members.
  • Hygiene – use of hand sanitisers, thorough hand washing, disinfecting door handles, counters, etc.
  • Showroom restrictions – the HEG Showrooms at Moonah and Invermay are not currently available for customers to visit.
  • Social distancing: 2m+ distances from other staff, customers or installation technicians and suppliers that we may encounter,

Customer Payments

  • We encourage payments via online mechanisms. We have BPay, online credit card payments via a secure web page and direct bank account transfer facilities. For unavoidable cash payments, please call 1300 96 80 60 or email sales@heg.com.au to make arrangements.
  • Payment plans are available to allow you to spread thermal efficiency investments over a longer period of time.

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