Residential Solar Overview

Residential solar energy is a speciality of HEG™ Energy. We concentrate on delivering appropriately-sized solar PV solutions using quality components at cost effective prices to ensure an efficient outcome for households.

Due to our professional staff & fine margins, we install a larger number of solar PV jobs. Due to our large number of solar PV jobs, we are able to bulk buy solar stock, which allows us to offer great solar PV installation rates.

We can do any size of system (assuming you have the room on your roof or land), from 1.5kw upwards. The most common solar energy system sizes are:

  • 3kw (low consumption households, 1 or 2 people in the home)
  • 5kw (families or higher energy consumption households)
  • 10kw (those households looking to future proof with battery-ready solar solutions; this is the largest practical solar system size without running into complications with your energy retailer).

We have a policy of only recommending solar energy solutions ONLY IF IT IS APPROPRIATE for your home. We will never be pushy. Enthusiastic – yes – but only if a solar PV solution is beneficial to your home, budget and lifestyle.

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