Is a Heat Pump SOS just the same as cleaning my filters?

What is the difference between a Heat Pump SOS and simply cleaning the filters?

We have had a series of questions like this from customers, so we thought we’d do an article to outline the main differences.

The main difference is that a filter clean is one of approx 25 tasks that are done during a Heat Pump SOS.  The filter is just one of 9 main components of the entire heat pump system.

Additionally, the Heat Pump SOS targets the internal AND external units of your heat pump, and uses specialised instruments to check the electrical amperage and perform other diagnostic tasks. When most people clean filters, it is usually just on the internal unit.

In a nutshell, a heat pump is full of components that need to transfer hot or cold temperatures to one another. When they get a build-up of dust or grime on them, they become partially insulated and don’t thermally transfer as effectively. Also, the inside of a heat pump (both internal and external units) have to drain away a lot of moisture that has condensed on its components. When blockages occur, this causes rusting and spillages, so internal drainage mechanisms are cleared and checked.

Heat Pump manufacturers recommend a service every 12 months if you use it regularly to heat or cool your home.

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