Heat Pumps for Domestic Heating

Heat Pumps, or reverse cycle air conditioners, are a very efficient form of domestic heating, often creating 250% to 380% more energy than their electricity input. Compared to radiant heaters, which are generally 100% efficient, this allows large volumes of warm air to be created for domestic households.

Heat Pumps do not generate their own heat – they steal it! The outside air contains heat that can be harvested, even when we perceived it to be cold. The heat pump is designed to harvest this latent heat, transferring it into a refrigerant which is transported into your home and released during winter. The opposite occurs in summer months.

Heat Pumps can be either standalone, or can be ducted to many rooms. A hybrid option, used in many instances, uses heat pumps in conjunction with continuous-flow Ducted Air Circulation Systems to provide heating or cooling throughout the entire house. In fact, over 80% of all Ducted Air Circulation Systems are used with heat pumps, generally providing a 4-5 degree ambient temperature increase around a typical 3-4 bedroom home. Additionally, there is typically a 15% reduction in the running costs of heat pumps when used with a standard Ducted Air Circulation System due to the “free heat” harvested via the Roof Heat Recovery Module and solar gain shared from sunny rooms.

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