Did you ever think your roof was a heater?

Have you ever noticed how hot your roof cavity is on a bright sunny day? That free hot air can be filtered and used to warm your house during the day. Often the roof space will still be warm for hours after the sun goes down. Higher pitched roofs with roof sarking (foil) are better as they have a larger air volume and tend to trap the heat for longer.

For Solar Roof Heat Recovery, we simply add a module onto one of our  HEG Air Circulation Systems. This enables you to have multiple benefits, such as circulating warm air from your living room (wood heaters or heat pumps typically) to bedrooms, or offsetting your traditional heating costs using free heat from the sun.
The air is filtered via an industrial grade filter, and an adjustable thermostat controls when the air valve will open i.e. if the air is hot, the air valve will introduce the warm, filtered air into your home. If the system is switched off, or the temperature drops, the air valve will close.
When the roof space air is cold, the system only extracts air from your living room heater. The solar gain from your roof space essentially pre-heats your home, meaning that your heaters do not need to work as hard, thus saving you heating costs. During Spring and Autumn, you will often find that you can remove the need for additional heating altogether, but this does depend on the outside temperatures, your bedtime and your expected comfort levels.
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