Components of an Air Circulation System

Subtle Bedroom Diffuser

These are the standard air outlets/diffusers used with the HEG Air Circulation System. They distribute the air evenly around the room, and don’t blow the air down onto the back of your neck. As you can see, they are ceiling white and subtle by design.

Standard vs Filtered Inlet

The standard inlet that comes with the HEG Air Circulation System is a round “jet” inlet. However, some people prefer a filtered inlet so that it captures particles that are floating in the air for additional air quality, and to minimise cleaning requirements.

Polyester-Insulated Ducting

This ducting is flexible in nature so that it can weave its way through roof obstacles. It has an inner-sheaf (foil-plastic laminate) over a strong wire skeleton, which is then surrounded by safe polyester insulation (which is used in teddy bears!) to retain heat. This then has an outer protective layer of strong foil-plastic laminate.

Mix-Flow Ducting Fans

The inline ducting fans that we use are sourced as “best of breed”, and are a major differentiator of HEG Air Circulation Systems. They are designed for long-term use, coming with a 3 to 5 year warranty depending on the brand that we are using. Pictured, below, is a 200mm inline ducting fan.

HEG Easy Controller for the Roof Heat Recovery Module

The HEG Easy Controller has the following features:

  • Simple on/off switch. This control is intentionally kept separate from the main control as we can often incorporate the switch into an existing light switch to make it more subtle.
  • Allows the user to specify a “Trigger Temperature”, which is the temperature at which free solar heat is obtained from your roof cavity.
  • Summer Override Function. Simply switch off the digital thermostat to disable the Roof Heat Recovery Module. This will allow you to duct cooler air around your home in summer. The source of the cooler air can either be air from a well ventilated part of your home, or an Air Conditioner.

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