Benefits of Underfloor Insulation

Why insulate under my floor?

So, you’ve got your ceiling insulated, and are wondering if you should insulate under your floor also? In terms of heat loss, carpeted floors account for approximately 15%, but raised floors with exposed floorboards lose about 22% of heat. This figure increases to approximately 30% if you also factor in air draughts in floorboards. Given than ceiling heat loss is 35%, you should strongly consider underfloor insulation if you have exposed floorboards on a suspended wooden floor.

Underfloor insulation is typically done by using R2.0 Glasswool batts that are placed securely between floor joists, and then supported with either special staples or sometimes cement sheeting in high wind areas.

What will underfloor insulation do?

Underfloor insulation will increase the ambient temperature of the house by preventing air draughts between floor boards, and also by creating an insulating air pocket under the floor boards, helping to trap heat in the house. The floorboards will essentially feel like room temperature AND stop air draughts – a double bonus.

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