How much does a Air Circulation System cost?

Ducted Air Circulation Systems are priced based on:

  1. the number of outlets required in your home;
  2. the modules required e.g. Window Condensation Control Module;
  3. where you are located i.e. travel fees can apply in some areas;
  4. some house characteristics that increase labour time e.g. lath and plaster ceilings, low pitch of roof requiring removal of sheets of roofing iron;
  5. the method which we need to use to access ventilation for the system (only applies to jobs requiring Window Condensation Control); and
  6. miscellaneous installation aspects, such as penetrations through cupboards to reach downstairs rooms.

Extra fees that may apply:

  • Travel (if more than 30km from Launceston or Hobart, $3 per KM one way apply)
  • Additional Roof Off work (retrofit mostly): $75 per sheet of corrugated iron
  • Cupboard penetration: $200 (assumes two internal shelves to cut through)
  • customisations (such as penetrations through cupboards to lower-floor areas or external conduit where required)
  • non-standard inlets and outlets
  • non-plasterboard or horsehair plaster ceilings. $50 fee per protrusion applies for lath and plaster, timber or double ceilings (even with plasterboard below) due
  • to extra labour, difficulty of placing outlets, extra tooling required and extra preparation and clean-up time.
  • Removal of storage items in the sub-floor or ceiling cavity.
  • Asbestos removal (outsourced to a specialist company)
  • Difficult access to roof cavity or parts of house
  • Multiple visits required to complete job.

All pricing is subject to onsite inspection, and HEG reserves the right to alter or refuse a quotation based on this onsite inspection (although it would have to be exceptional circumstances to do so).

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